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You know me , you don't know me

Updated: May 20, 2019

How well can you ever know another ?

This is a recent piece and something I have had thoughts about for quite a while. It started when I saw the Chanel advert “you know me and you don’t” for Chanel no 5. It just caught my attention this notion of how well you can actually know a person. It works both ways, does anyone really know you, or do you really know the other?

This inspired me to work with the words: “ Saint or Sinner”. They are opposites and I think everyone has attributes of good and bad within themselves. If I look at myself I feel I try to be a good person, but I know sometimes I have hurt people along the way and other times people I don’t even know completely misjudge me, it’s not that I’m interested in that, but the notion that we are being judged all the time comes into play here too. Am I judged to be a saint or a sinner?Who gets to judge this and when ?

For me notions of being true to oneself enter the picture because this moves you towards being good. As Gandhi said:" when what you think, what you do and what you say are aligned then you will experience harmony". If who you are is in alignment with the way you choose to live your life, then you can be close to a saint on this ever sliding scale. It’s when you need to lie and hide things because you are not really being your true self that you move towards being a sinner. So this brings me to the notion of how well can you know the other person and trust that they have no hidden agenda, ulterior motives or a reason to not be truthful. For me this is a balancing act between trying to get to know the person, having some faith and knowing that not all can meet the eye, so there’s fluffy white clouds in a halo shape, but do they mask something? There are sparkles and stars but can they illuminate enough? There is darkness but that’s okay because you can assume everyone has a darker side to them and it’s good to show it and know it. It’s all the hidden stuff behind the fluff, stars, curtain of drips that scares me.

Hopefully in life you come to know who you are and you don’t need to hide any of it, but the leap it takes for you to think you know another, now that is the wilderness of the unknown….

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