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Loved series continues...

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Originally I was inspired for the Love Series by my own experiences and the Gucci loved campaign. There it was plastered on handbags, oversized knits, sassy denim jackets and comfy sneakers. I imagined that only those who were actually loved would dare to declare it on their apparel. But then I thought of the word LOVED. As a verb I realised that it can be a reference to the past, present or future, it remains the same across its various tenses. I am loved now, I was loved and I will be loved. So when one uses the word loved one can not know if it involves being loved in the past, present or sometime in the future until it is placed in context. Loved the word may be constant but in reality love is far from a constant and appears to me to be closer to a rollercoaster. It is a major part of what makes the world go round and differentiates humans as a species.

I like the symbol of the fluttering butterfly as an allusion to love, it has a limited life span, it came from somewhere, we see it in the present moment in all its beauty before it flutters away somewhere into the future, leaving its marks of motion imprinted in the eye of the beholder.

They say good judgement comes from experience, but experience is gained when we exercise bad judgement. That is to say we learn the most from our bad experiences, without them we cannot come to know better in future. Some of my biggest mistakes in life were exercised in the domain of my love life, but it is also because of these mistakes that I have been forced to grow as a person, gain strength and hopefully some wisdom. The rise after the fall are the moments when the change happens and it is these periods of transition that facilitate the most growth. Nothing ground-breaking comes from success. But so much change can happen after failure, or heartbreak.

I think Love is a major part of what makes us human and the topic fascinates me especially since you cannot choose who loves you or whom you love in the romantic domain, and even if we are loved, how long will this love last given we know that humans were not necessarily built to love only one person for a lifetime. I like the writings of artist Cococapitan: “if there was you with a forever”….wouldn’t that certainty be nice and reassuring. But there is no certainty in the domain of romantic love which by its nature requires vulnerability, not to mention that the romantic notion of love has been somewhat crushed by the uprise of social media, apps, online dating, live porn and the very transient quality of “relationships" today.

So the loved series is just endless in my mind. From being loved in the past to the current and finding love in the future. With so many ways of being loved: just loved, under-loved, over-loved, de-loved, re-loved. The versions are countless. So for me it is perpetually a source of inspiration, aspiration and transformation. I cannot help having ideas of love, past relationships, love experiences and lessons learned threaded into my work, just as it is woven into my being. I look forward to continued inspiration with the new year fast approaching.

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