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Love Loaded: where are we going with all this love?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

They say love makes the world go round. The longer I live, the more I believe this to be true. I think when you’re young and starting an independent life free from the construct of the parental nest the energy is tremendous. You spring out the starting blocks driven to achieve, succeed, create and accumulate material wealth. Embedded in this drive is also the very powerful drive to procreate.

You want to love, be in love, start a family of your own. Love is empowering and instinctive. It makes you want to create, believe new things to be possible and it propels you to multiply.

I wanted to capture this unbridled energy across the canvas with sperm swimming outwardly seeking their destination surrounded by the circular shapes reminiscent of the beckoning ovum. There is so much power and hope in youth and the physical manifestation of love, but there is also a centre of lingering darkness in those concentric circles of energy.

"Love loaded: where are we going with all this love?" Spray paint, glitter collage on linen, 80cm square.

The drive is a raw unharnessed one, we all have the right to love and bring forth and multiply on this planet, but I have to ask where is all this energy and procreation drive headed when the planet is clearly becoming overpopulated with the human species and climate change, an increasingly impending reality.

I think we need to bare in mind that although love is at the epicentre of the human condition, every person on this planet will require food, water, shelter, clothing, energy, materials, technology, transport, infrastructure, space and security and will, in turn, exude residues and waste, alter habitats and pollute the atmosphere, soil and watercourses.

So there is balance required between our drives; the energy and headiness of youth, and being mindful of the world in which we exist. Our drive to create and procreate is integral to the survival of our species and maintaining us as top of the food chain, but in turn it can also lead to environmental destruction. In effect the energy is a circular path where our drives feed our survival, and a young and growing population drives economic growth, but hidden in this powerful dynamic is the harm and excessive burden these forces place on the earth. It comes as no surprise that our youth of today are so much more environmentally aware. Policy makers can no longer kick the can down the line as our actions today affect the future of our very own children.

Whilst love, creation and procreation are are powerful and necessary forces of humanity, they require a mindset of mindfulness and kindness to our planet, as without our planet we have no chance of survival, or of living in the manner we do today.

Reading and listening whilst working on this painting:

Sam Harris, Making Sense Podcast, episode #170 , The Great Uncoupling, conversation with Andrew McAfee.


Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers, 2019.

Songs by Juke Ross:

“Not a blade of grass”,


“Morning breeze”,

“Fresh roses”

“Shadows in the dark".

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