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Don't ever stop...

You may find yourself in a moment or a time in life that you wish would last forever, or that nothing should ever change. We all know that no matter how much you feel this, life continues and with that comes inevitable change. So all the flowers blooming and bursting with life, colour, happiness, energy will be lost in time, replaced by something else, better or worse.

On the other hand it is also comforting to know that nothing lasts forever and “this too shall pass”. So all bad spells and periods of discomfort will end. It seems to me that this cyclical nature of life is reassuring because it heightens that good things must be cherished and gratitude felt and that bad times will come to an end, as change is ushered in.

We should remain present at all times and all we have is what is now. When I think of the future it makes me anxious, when I think historically there are lessons to be learned but often nostalgia overshadows truth. The good thing is that although an experience will come to an end, the memory of it will last forever. As humans we seek experiences that create memories that we can keep with us for a lifetime and that is what enriches our lives.

“Don’t ever stop “ is a tribute to the importance of the present moment. Because it may be a perfect moment for now, but you can’t hold on to anything or anyone in this life. All we have is transient and nothing ever lasts forever, except for the memory of it. Change is inevitable and I think that is a reminder that we are alive and it encourages motivation and a reason to be.

What does “don’t ever stop” mean to you ?

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