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Come, overcome, become

It has been over year that I am continuing to paint and have a daily studio practice. I thought now would be good time to reflect on where I was, where I am and where I am going.

I am still juggling art with being a mum of 3 kids who are older now, but nonetheless used to having my attention on demand. I do have more time now and the studio offers me a different world, “my world”. Every choice of what to make, how to make it, what it means, what to say about it, what new thing to learn, and what to listen to is determined by me aIone. I like this personal aspect of my studio space and how it feels when I step in: I am immediately transported inwards into myself in order to paradoxically create something of external expression.

I feel that although I have learned a lot the last year, I have only begun to scratch the surface of this journey. I have yet so much to learn and develop as an artist. Art is a process, you learn so much by doing and one piece, idea or technique leads you to the next. What is true about myself as an artist is that I am only drawn to paint something that has meaning to me. But how do I find that inspiration that triggers my ideas? It used to be mainly from my life experience and things I’ve written and images collected over the years, but more recently, I find that I have discovered the world of audio. Once I am engaged in a painting process, I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. The topics are wide ranging, nothing to do with art, like quantum mechanics, wellbeing, mindfulness, biohacking, relationships, and climate change and so forth. I find the voice of someone talking relaxes me into my work and allows me to feel more focused and free. Although I can only listen with half an ear the conversation or audiobook seems to feed into my work or into my mind and often gives me an idea for my next painting. I jot down things that appeal to me and then add my own thoughts and all this creates a narrative which I use and refer to in my work. My work is a collaboration between my desire to create and to learn.

Still, as before, being a self taught artist carries the same fears of failure I have always had, only now I am more grown up and I feel more free to be myself and so I pay it less attention. I would rather do the work and see where it takes me, and even fail rather that not have tried at all.

It is very exciting that The Aviary have added me to their band of artists:


and my work is also available for sale on the Singulart online platform :


I have also been selected to participate in the next scheduled Roy’s Art Fair https://www.roysartfair.com/later this year (October) and I can’t wait to share my work in this event (if it happens, COVID 19 depending)

So, I come to the studio every day.... I don’t have any destination to arrive at so I plan on enjoying the process of becoming.

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