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Blind for love

Updated: May 20, 2019

I must say that the Gucci BLIND FOR LOVE campaign struck a chord with me. Every time I saw those words in English or French they jolted my insides into something I could identify with. Before I started this painting I knew I wanted to use these words.

I know why they mean something to me and that’s because I am a “user”, a “perpetrator” who can definitely be accused of such a thing! It’s a strange notion that you can be caught in middle of something so intense and not even realise it because the intoxication is so blinding. So, the endless swirls of colour engulf you, some broken, some blurry, some fragmented, slipping in and out of each other and focus. Like snakes and ladders you scale highs only to come crashing down.

They say that the best love of all is when you learn to love yourself and no one can make you happy unless you are already happy in yourself. I’m not in firm agreement with this “self help” notion. I’ve had the experience of someone who truly believed that only “the one” could make him happy. Whilst this places a lot of responsibility on the other person, I can get what was being said because how can you make yourself

elated ? I think feelings of rapture, ecstasy, euphoria, can only be reached and scaled with another or in connection to someone or something beyond yourself. In yourself you can find a mediocre level happiness but never the highs the soul is capable of reaching. I think this is only possible with connection to oneness, be it your partner, child or the universe.

I would rather be in a position where I am scaling highs, even if it means being blinded, rather than experiencing mediocracy. So “I stand accused” and the only thing I hope, if it ever happens to me again, is to recognise my own blindness, rather than have others warn me that I am the stick in the candy floss who can’t seem to escape until it all the sweetness gets devoured and I am left standing very exposed.

What do the words "blind for love " mean to you ?

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