Shelly Pamensky is a self taught, experienced artist whose paintings have been exhibited nationally. Influenced by her multicultural heritage, being of Israeli origin, raised in South Africa and having spent most her adult life in London. 

Having studied Law and Business and after a career in The City and starting a family, Shelly turned her attention to her love of painting. She began working with interior designers such as Kelly Hoppen (her work appears in the Kelly Hoppen book "Kelly Hoppen Style" ), and was afforded the opportunity to showcase her work in London, by property developers. Her work has appeared on television and featured in various local newspapers.  Her paintings have been sold locally and abroad: London, Spain, Greece, South Africa and the USA. She has exhibited her work with London based gallery, Artistic License, who also represented her paintings at the Really Affordable art show in Battersea Park.  Her paintings were also chosen for the Ben Uri Gallery’s Jewish Artist of the year competition (Sept 2004). 
Demand for her paintings has led to numerous commissions and collaboration with several private collectors to create custom made pieces as well as responding to requests from interior designers. 

Recently she has participated in group shows with The Aviary in August and December 2019.  Her work is available on The Emerging Artist Platform (a part of the Hansford and Sons Gallery) online and her work will be available at Roy’s Art Fair this  coming October. 



“My work is a collaboration between what I’ve experienced, what I think and what I write and a creative process that feeds my desire to learn and grow more as a person.  Painting is a personal process of self expression, incorporating parallel processes of creativity and thought. What I think and feel is very linked to my work.

Over the years I have assembled a growing collection of visual images, together with words I have written, both which provide a feeding ground for spawning ideas for my work. Motifs are repeated, such as flowers, stars, skulls, sperm, butterflies and peace signs in varying methods and combinations. Written words bearing meaning are also a feature of some works and hint at the meaning I have ascribed to the painting and invite an interplay with the viewer’s interpretation of them. 

On a technical  level works are divided into oil paintings and mixed media work.  Oil is forgiving as it is a fine layering process with longer drying times, marks are not final, whist the mixed media pieces with the use of acrylics, spray paint and airbrush are more immediate. Collaged pieces are all hand cut, painted and may also be glitter encrusted.

I have always held a fascination with colour which is the glue that binds my work, no matter what the media, colour is always the focus.  I always endeavour to try new things and my art and the work I produce is a constantly growing and evolving practice.